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Sub Zero Refrigerator Handles

Many people consider Sub Zero to be the “Rolls Royce” of refrigerator manufacturers. Originally called the Sub Zero Freezer Company, it was founded in 1945 with the invention of the free-standing freezer. Today, Sub Zero remains a leading name in refrigerator technology and design- and Sub Zero handles are the ideal way to ensure that every Sub Zero product is at the pinnacle of kitchen fashion.

Sub Zero is the only refrigerator company that uses dual-refrigeration technology, which keeps refrigerated foods fresh for much longer, while extending the life of frozen foods at the same time. The Sub Zero fridge is also an innovation in terms of design: it commonly comes as a built-in unit, with stream-lined signature Sub Zero sleekness and sophisticated Sub Zero refrigerator handles and paneling that blend perfectly with any kitchen décor. Sub Zero prides itself on its “integrated refrigeration”: an integrated Sub Zero refrigerator unit will seamlessly blend into existing cabinetry, with no visible hinges, or vents. It is even designed to fit flush against the edges of standard kitchen cabinets, creating a seamless look. The addition of an oversized Sub Zero handle will make an obvious style statement that will further enhance any kitchen and draw attention to the natural beauty of the handle-and the refrigerator.

All aspects of a Sub Zero refrigerator can be tailored to fit the needs of any home or family, from storage capacity, to type, to design elements. For instance, a family of 12 might opt for an over-sized Sub Zero refrigerator, while a wine connoisseur might make use of the Sub-Zero line of wine refrigerators, and a home decorator might customize her Sub Zero pull to match her existing cabinet pulls. Sub Zero refrigerators are also the delight of environmentally-conscious consumers; their Pro-48 refrigerators consume less energy than a 100 Watt light bulb.

Sub Zero refrigerators are the standard for many upscale homes, due to their incredible innovation and sleek designs. From their superb technology to their ability to accommodate fabulous Sub Zero handles, these refrigerators keep the modern kitchen running smoothly and elegantly for years on end.

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